Does Vista Really Suck

Microsoft sucks

If one of you cannot do the deed, the other one can still take matters into their own hands while the other is watching. In the world of pc-based operating systems, windows vista is the slut. Why did they do this to us users. Vista does suck in that it takes up a ton of system resources.

Windows vista doesnt suck arnoldschwarzenegger loves it

Maybe im the only one that has vista that knows to go to startcontrol panelclassic viewpower optionshigh performance. Fodendo gostoso o cuzinho da gordinha - brazilxporn.

An apple a day keeps vista away

It really consumes just a little more that my xp version. The slut with purple hair watching the couple having sex, masturbating then having sex in the shower is aaliyah hadid.

Suck bang blow

That poll isn't exclusively for gamers but for everyone who tried vista.

Anta anta windows vista will always suck even on powerful hardware follow spaceboycant lol

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